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From Cancer Diagnosis to Corporate Walk Chair: Rob Mannino's Journey with LLS

Rob Mannino, COO of Kulka, has faced his share of challenges, but none more daunting than hearing the words "You have Cancer."

In November of 2020, without explanation, Rob lost movement in the left side of his face, which led to a series of tests and the discovery of a rare blood cancer called Essential Thrombocytosis. Like anyone in this situation, Rob was understandably shocked and devastated.

Thankfully, Rob found support through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS). The organization introduced him to an exceptional doctor and helped guide him through the difficult process of understanding and accepting his diagnosis. LLS's support only deepened Rob's commitment to the organization and its mission, which Kulka had been supporting for years.

Despite the challenges, Rob's cancer is now under control and being managed by a team of experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Specifically, Doctor Oscar Lahoud, whom Rob was introduced to by LLS. Earlier this year, LLS asked Rob to serve as the 2023 Corporate Walk Chair for their Light the Night Walk.

"I gotta say, I feel so honored to be the 2023 Corporate Walk Chair for Light the Night. It's a huge deal to me personally, and I'm just thrilled to be able to play a role in the fight against blood cancers. We're gonna raise crucial funds for research and support services, and make a real difference in the lives of those who are fighting this disease. I'm really excited to work with LLS and the Long Island community to make this year's walk an awesome event!" - Rob Mannino

The Long Island Light the Night Walk is a powerful event that brings together thousands of people in the fight against blood cancers. It is a night where participants light up the dark with illuminated lanterns, a symbol of hope for those affected by blood cancers. With a goal to raise money for blood cancer research, the Long Island Light the Night Walk is a momentous occasion that showcases the strength, resilience, and unity of the Long Island community in their fight against cancer.

The goal of the event is to raise over $1 million and to host 5,000 people at Eisenhower Park in October. As the Corporate Walk Chair, Rob is responsible for spreading the word and bringing in support from companies and individuals alike. He's inviting all of Kulka's partners to sponsor and join Kulka's VIP tent at the event for food, drinks, and celebration.

Rob believes that businesses have an important role to play in supporting charities like LLS, which can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by blood cancers. He's asking his business partners to get involved in the Light the Night Walk by donating, sponsoring, or building a team to participate.

LLS is hosting an event for all team leaders at the Heritage Club at Bethpage in Farmingdale, NY, on June 12 at 6 pm. The event will help team leaders learn how to be successful in the walk, and it's open to anyone interested in participating.

Rob's journey from cancer diagnosis to Corporate Walk Chair highlights the importance of support during difficult times and the power of business to make a difference in the lives of others. To learn more about Rob's involvement with LLS and to support his efforts, visit

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