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When team members collaborate to raise funds and awareness for a good cause, they can develop a shared sense of unity and purpose. This experience can foster better communication, trust, and relationships in the workplace, ultimately resulting in a more cohesive and productive team.


In honor of our quest to cure blood cancer, Kulka is asking all our Long Island business partners, subcontractors, and vendors to sponsor or form a team and walk this year to illuminate the night in support of the search to end cancer.

Partnering with us for this year's Light The Night is an opportunity for a company or organization to:

  • Enhance employee morale

  • Encourage teamwork

  • Gain visibility for its products or services

  • Generate goodwill in the community

  • Support employees who have been touched by cancer

  • Spend the night in Kulka's VIP tent with our friends and families

  • Your business can be a leader in finding a cure for cancer

It's simple to organize a corporate team and/or become a team captain. Through our close partnership with LLS, we will provide all the materials and guidelines to ensure success in building a successful Light The Night team.  You will then empower and inspire your teammates to raise funds to reach your goal!

Additionally, corporate matching gifts can enhance employee fundraising efforts. Ask us how you can set up your corporate gift-matching program!

Enhance Employee Morale

Encourage Teamwork

Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to giving back to the community, but it also creates a sense of camaraderie among team members. By working together towards a common goal, employees can feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which can improve job satisfaction and overall happiness.

Support Employees that have been touched by Cancer

By working together to raise funds and awareness for a good cause, team members can develop a sense of unity and collaboration. This shared experience can translate into better communication, increased trust, and improved relationships in the workplace, ultimately leading to a more productive and cohesive team.

Spend the Night at Kulka's VIP tent.

This event offers an opportunity to honor loved ones, celebrate survivors, and raise funds for research and treatment. By participating, you can demonstrate your commitment to your employees' well-being and show empathy and understanding for those who have been affected by this disease.

This will also provide opportunities for networking with other industry professionals. If you create a team, you will have access to Kulka's VIP tent, where you can meet and connect with others who are committed to supporting this cause. This can be a valuable opportunity to expand your professional network, build relationships, and explore potential partnerships, all while supporting a worthy cause.

Gain Visibility for your Company

By showcasing your company's commitment to social responsibility, you can build a positive reputation in the community and attract potential customers or clients. Additionally, participating in community events like these can increase brand awareness and create opportunities for networking and partnerships with other local businesses.

Be a leader in the Quest to Cure Cancer!

By participating in this event, you can demonstrate your commitment to finding a cure and supporting those affected by blood cancer. This can increase your company's visibility and reputation as a socially responsible organization, and inspire others to get involved in the cause. Additionally, your team's fundraising efforts can contribute to the search for new treatments and ultimately help save lives.


Join us in the fight against blood cancer and make an impact that could help save lives. Together, we can fund research, support patients and families, and work towards a future free of cancer.

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